Switalskis child abuse team secures over £12 million for survivors of abuse in Lambeth


September 11, 2020 | By Amy Clowrey |

September 11, 2020 | By Amy Clowrey |

Our Child Abuse Compensation department represents almost 450 survivors of abuse in Lambeth and, to date, has settled a high number of cases with damages reaching a total of over £12 million pounds in redress payments for our clients. All damages received go directly to survivors. We are also able to assist survivors to arrange therapy and treatment to assist recovery.

In 2017, Lambeth council accepted that, historically, many children were psychologically, physically and sexually abused in their care. They agreed to compensate survivors through a redress scheme. This followed on from the hard work of Shirley Oaks Survivors Association (SOSA) and in particular the publication of a report called “Looking for a Place Called Home” by SOSA.

All former residents of Lambeth children’s homes and Shirley Oaks Primary School prior to their closure in the 1980s and 1990s are eligible and the scheme includes a “Harm’s Way Payment” of up to £10,000. The Harms Way Payment aims to compensate former residents for the environment they were subjected to whilst in Lambeth children’s homes – payment does not depend upon whether or not a person was subjected to abuse whilst they were in the care of Lambeth council.

If former residents were sexually, physically, racially and/or psychologically abused then such residents would also be entitled to further payment/redress under the “Individual Redress Payment”.

Children that were subjected to abuse in foster placements whilst under the care of Lambeth council are also eligible under the scheme. Those who suffered abuse whilst in the care of Lambeth who are now deceased are also able to make an Application and all damages recovered would go to the beneficiaries of their estate.

In addition to the redress payment, should survivors wish, Lambeth council have agreed to offering a written apology and a meeting with a senior member of the council. Other services such as counselling and signposting for advice on welfare, housing and education are also available.

Applications to the redress scheme should not be delayed.  The last date for submitting applications is 1st January 2022.

If you were subjected to abuse whilst in the care of Lambeth council and would like advice, please contact Amy Clowrey.  You can contact Amy through the website, or call 0800 138 4700.

Amy Clowrey

Amy Clowrey is an Associate Solicitor based in Wakefield and is part of our Child Abuse Compensation team. She joined that team in June 2016 having also served part of her training contract with Switalskis. Amy formally became an Associate of the business in 2019 after successfully completing the company's Associate Development Programme. She blogs regularly about new developments and significant cases and verdicts relating to Child Abuse Compensation. Amy's profile

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