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Switalskis Solicitors Ltd
19 Cheapside

Tel: 01924 882000
Monday-Friday, 9.00am - 5.00pm

How to find us

Our office is within easy reach of Wakefield's Railway stations. It is easy to find and is a short walk from Wakefield Museum on Cheapside.


Contact our Wakefield office

If you'd like to contact our Wakefield office, call us on 01924 882000 (Monday to Friday, 9.00am-5.00pm) or send us a message by clicking the button below.

About our Wakefield office

Being located in central Wakefield, our Managing Director and other senior members of staff are proud to work from the head office, making it the heart of our entire operation. It was the first office the firm opened back in 1993.

We have many specialist teams in Wakefield including:

Although operating in Wakefield, our teams work on cases from the Yorkshire region and around the country.

Our Wakefield Legal Specialists

David Greenwood Child Abuse Solicitor, Wakefield

David Greenwood

Director & Solicitor

Rob Casey - Child Abuse Solicitor & Director - Switalskis

Rob Casey

Director & Solicitor Advocate

Clare Peckett, Director & Family Law Solicitor

Clare Peckett

Director & Solicitor

Amanda Steele, Wills & Probate Solicitor, Switalskis

Amanda Steele


Sharon Woodward - Wills & Probate Solicitor - Switalskis

Sharon Woodward


Heather Matthews, Mental Health Solicitor, Wakefield

Heather Matthews

Associate Solicitor

Leesa Hullah


Emily Park, Court of Protection Lawyer

Emily Park


Rhiannon Moore


Amy Clowrey - Child Abuse Solicitor - Switalskis, Yorkshire & UK

Amy Clowrey

Associate Solicitor

Helen Hughes - Child Abuse Solicitor, Switalskis

Helen Hughes

Associate Solicitor

Sarah Cunnane, Criminal Law Solicitor

Sarah Cunnane


Charlotte Bettney, Mental Health Solicitor, Wakefield

Charlotte Bettney


Briony Ely, Conveyancing Solicitor, Wakefield

Briony Ely


Sarah Kent, Conveyancing Wakefield, Switalskis Solicitors

Sarah Kent

Associate Conveyancer

Linda Firth, Wills & Probate specialist, Switalskis

Linda Firth

Specialist Legal Clerk

Sally Smith Child Abuse Solicitor - Switalskis

Sally Smith

Associate Solicitor

Carole Spencer - Child Abuse Solicitor - Switalskis

Carole Spencer

Associate Solicitor

Sarah Wildey


Caroline Chandler - Child Abuse Solicitor - Switalskis

Caroline Chandler


Richard Dennett

Consultant Solicitor

Kieran Chatterton - Child Abuse Solicitor - Switalskis

Kieran Chatterton


Samantha Follows - Child Abuse Solicitor - Switalskis

Samantha Follows


Bev Mercer - Child Abuse Solicitor - Switalskis

Bev Mercer


Peter Morgan, Mental Health Lawyer, Wakefield - Switalskis

Peter Morgan

Specialist Legal Clerk

David Reed - Child Abuse Lawyer - Switalskis

David Reed


Laura Taylor Child Care Lawyer

Laura Taylor

Legal Executive Advocate

Louise Kitchin


Stewart Kelly Child Care Law, Switalskis Solicitors

Stewart Kelly

Legal Assistant